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But recently a judge at 346 Broadway ruled against my motion to dismiss a ticket alleging a violation of 1050.7  that occurred in front of FDR Drive. The Judge held that FDR Drive--being a public roadway-- was "public transportation facility".    In any event, there are many different ways that lawyers experienced in the not so glamorous field of public urination can help get the charge resolved.

One issue that arises frequently with these cases is that the person who receives the ticket lives in another state and was just visiting New York City when the summons was issued and is unable to return on the date listed on ticket for the Court appearance.   Oftentimes, lawyers familiar with the Court can resolve this issue and avoid the issuance of a warrant. 

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There are actually 4 different ways that one can receive a summons for public urination in New York City 1)  153.09 of the Health Code, 2)16-118 of the New York City Administrative Code. 3) the park Rules, and 4) 1050.07 of the Transit Authority Rules. 

However, the last two are used very rarely and should only apply to individuals caught urinating within  parks or public public transportation faciities, such as a subways, bus terminals and train stations. 

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