If they are for equipment violations, get proof of repairs within 24 hours of issuance of the ticket.

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I also defend cargo damage and loss lawsuits.  Here is a list of some of the reported decisions I have been involved with:

Experienced New York City lawyer defends truckers and motor carriers summoned to NYC Criminal Court

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Are you a motor carrier safety manager or independent trucker summoned to a New York City Criminal Court for equipment violations on one your trucks? I will  handle  your Company's New York City Pink tickets that are returnable to Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan Criminal Courts.  Aside from the equipment violations, I also handle violations for overwidth, overlength, overweight, off the truck route, no Ifta, Hut, no MVT Stamp, out of service,  improper DOT lettering, improper registration etc,

As long as the tickets are for  a New York City Criminal Court in either Manhattan, Bronx, Queens or Kings County I will handle it.