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When one is faced with a criminal charge or even a violation in New York, the best way to protect one's record is to have the case disposed of either by an acquittal, a dismissal or an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal under CPL 170.55 or 170.56.  Any of these disposition swill result in the matter be sealed pursuant to NY CPL 160.50.

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Sealing under 160.50 requires a dismissal and, in my experience, the most likely means of securing a dismissal are as follows:

1.  Adjournment in contemplation of dismissal  ("ACD") (requires no prior record or a minimal prior record)

2. Violation of Speedy trial under New York CPL 30.30.  (requires various conditions and 90 days of time when the prosecutor is not ready for trial on a misdemeanor and 180 when they are not ready on a felony)

Sealing Strategies

Dismissing New York Public Urination charges

Getting a Public Urination ticket dismissed in New York City

Public Urination summons heard at 346 Broadway is  difficult to get dismissed at arraignment, whether the requested dismissal is on grounds of the facial insufficiency of the ticket (facial sufficiency is easy to meet with this charge) ,  is a dismissal in the interests of justice, or is a deferred dismissal via an ACD

Dismissal Strategies

Protecting Your Record