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NY Sealing Statutes

Sealing Criminal Court Records in New York under CPL 160.50 and 160.55

(Note: NYC Summons Court now available for download)

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NYC Criminal Courts follow the laws set forth in the New York Criminal Procedure law with regards to the sealing of records.  The subject of sealing criminal records in NYC was placed at the top of the menu because the issue of what "sealing" of a criminal record really means under New York Law  seems to be a source of endless confusion for both clients and even experienced NYC criminal defense lawyers.

Protecting your record in the NYC Criminal Courts with an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal under New York CPL 170.55

Note: NYC Summons court ebook now available for download


For many clients facing a criminal charge in the NYC Criminal Courts, the best option is the Adjournment in contemplation of Dismissal under 170.55.  ("ACD").  The Statute is set forth below in its entirety:

Getting a Public Urination ticket dismissed in New York City    

(Note: NYC Summons court ebook now available for download)

I generally file a lot of Motions to Dismiss because I believe that they are good ways to get cases dismissed, or at least get the prosecutor's attention so that a better offer is made.  Motions to dismiss can come in different varieties but usually are either motions to dismiss for facial insufficiency, or motions to dismiss in the interests of justice.  Call 212-786-2999 to discuss these further.

Motions to Dismiss